Whilst nobody likes to admit it, we all know the world isn’t always the safest place it could be. At TR Electrical we understand your security & peace of mind is a top priority for you & we want to help you keep your home as safe as it could be.

Whether you are interested in having CCTV installed to keep an eye on your property when you are both at home & away, or if you want an intruder alarm installed to make your home even harder for a criminal to enter, here at TR Electrical we use the very latest technology to help you achieve that.

The latest smart home alarm systems can be monitored securely from your smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world giving you constant reassurance that your property is safe.

And alarm systems can protect your home from more than just crime. Incorporated into other smart home tech, systems can be used to monitor for smoke/heat/CO detection, elderly occupant monitoring & medical alerts & even pet or child monitoring.

If you’d like advice on the latest systems & how we can help protect your home at an affordable cost, give us a call or send us an email today.